Sage is forced to rescue his younger brother after the Dark Prince of Sloth drags him into a black hole deep inside the earth, guarded by a host of mythical beasts and demons.


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It’s been a year since Sage’s mission inside Mammon’s prison. Although greed is largely gone from societies around the world, Sage knows his job is far from finished. While on a camping trip, a disciple of Belphegor, the Prince of Sloth, drags Sage’s younger brother, Nick, into a subterranean universe whispered only as a legend in the corridors of the Angelic Response Council.

The Wastelands, an area surrounding the mythical Tartarus, exists within the dark spiritual realm and is fatal to ordinary humans after 48 hours. Sage has no choice but to rescue Nick from the abyss as soon as possible. The attack isn’t just revenge against Sage for a beast he killed the previous summer. The remaining Princes of Hell know this is their chance to kill the boy of prophecy before he slays any more of them. Sage’s grandfather follows him into the Wastelands, leading a team of Angelic Response Council warriors determined to free Sage and his brother.

In this action-packed sequel to Hall of Nightmares, Steve Copling continues Sage Alexander’s quest to rid Earth of the Seven Princes of Hell. With new characters, different creatures, and a world beyond imagination, Blood of Seth expands the mythology of the world surrounding the Angelic Response Council and their eternal fight to defeat evil.