Steve Copling’s career as an author began by happenstance. His sister was writing a screenplay about a murder and asked if he could take a look, since he was a police officer at the time and well-versed in criminal investigations. Copling immediately recognized that the fictional suspect wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the real world, so as a favor he wrote a manuscript for her. After that, he was hooked. He went on to write two crime novels, The Listener and The Shooting Season.

Sage Alexander is Copling’s first foray into Young Adult Fantasy Fiction and serves as the foundation for a seven-book series based on the seven deadly sins. It was born out of an endearing request from his grandson, Sage, who asked for a book written by his grandfather for Christmas. Copling’s mission is simple: to write stories that Sage and his brother Nikhil will love reading.

Copling is currently serving as Deputy Chief for the Plano Police Department in Plano, Texas. He and his wife of 40 years have three sons and five grandchildren. They reside in McKinney, Texas.


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