After the Seven Princes of Hell escaped the underworld, becoming gods became their obsession. Spawned from the angels banished from Heaven, the Seven have lured the soul of man into their influence since the beginning of time. Supernaturally gifted angelic-human warriors, the Angelic Response Council, have been disappearing over the past thousand years, and their ranks grow thin.  

Prophecy holds that in the Council's darkest hours a boy will emerge, Sage the Warrior, divined to possess all twenty-two angelic gifts and become the Council's ultimate warrior.  He will seek out and destroy the Seven Princes of Hell one by one, and lead humanity away from the brink of their own annihilation.  

Ever thought about writing a fantasy story?  What will make it great?  Is it engaging plots, memorable characters, or just building an imaginary universe around interesting creatures?  And once you have a great story, does it work across multiple platforms such as novels, TV series, and movies?  

Book Chat hosted by BookTubers from around the country, will entertain and educate viewers through fun and sometimes heated discussions about the art of storytelling.  


BookTubers Launch Collab Web Series July 2017

"An action-filled Fantasy adventure.  A good choice for fans of the "Percy Jackson" Series."

       -  School Library Journal